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PPA (registered Psychosynthesis Therapist)

Lifespan Integration Trained Therapist
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My occupational background is in mental health primary care trust 1994 to 202. I have also worked within NHS forensic services. I have extensive experience in the therapeutic care of terminally ill adults .

I have experience in facilitating both organisational groups and personal development workshops. I also teach Tranformational Yoga, a particular approach to yoga for transpersonal development. My traning was with Swami Vidyanand in Pondichery, South India and I am certified at Master 500 hours and Yoga Therapist through the International Yoga Alliance and offer training at 100 level and 200 level . I run yoga groups and one to one in the Uk .

I have explored esoteric traditions as part of my own journey. These explorations have taken me to India, Uganda,Congo, Australia and New Zealand where I have deepened my appreciation of cross-cultural energies and their impact on therapeutic work. I also hold some places in my practice working with refugees and asylum seekers. These places are currently full.

Psychosynthesis holds a spiritual perspective while not itself being a spiritual path. My training and personal interests have led me to a Buddhist spirituality but I work with respect for people from all faith traditions and those who do not hold a spiritual perspective.

I have undertaken a four year training at the London Institute of Psychosynthesis where I graduated with a Psychotherapeutic PG Dip in 2002, and I have been working in private practice since 1999.

I have a postgraduate qualification PG Cert M level in Integrative & Transpersonal Supervision from the University of East London School of Psychology in conjunction with the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust 204 . As a freelance consultant and supervisor, I am able to tailor my work in psychosynthesis to your requirements.

In the course of my continued professional development I have experience of Holotropic Breathwork, a transpersonal form of therapy developed by Stanislav Grof.

2005 until 2007 , I undertook an experiential training with the Northern School of Body Psychotherapy in body-focused Psychotherapy.

I have been trained in Lifespan Integration 2008 &2009 (LI), developed in the USA by Peggy Pace. LI is of particular value in working with deep levels of trauma and distress and with issues of early attachment and bonding.

I have undertaken therapeutic Traning workshops at Esalen in Big Sur,California 2006 . Esalen is a centre for alternative education, a forum for transformational practices and is a retreat centre that fosters personal and social transformation.

I also undertake ongoing Continued Professional Development in the UK.
Training in 2010/11 I have been training in Ecopsycholgy at the Psychosynthesis Re.Vision in london . A psycological eye on ecology.
The deeper reflection cannot be merely a conscious process. The first step is to acknowledge and face in to our personal and collective shadow.
2011 / 2014 CPD In Right Relations traning at the London Instiute of Psychosynthesis.
2014/2015 CPD Traning in Dynamic Maturational Modle (DMM) of Attachment :from theory to clinical application .
2016/2017 CPD with psychosynthesis core process group.
Presented by Dr Louise Atkin .

I have co-facilitate in recent years a week long psychosynthesis tranning at Cortijo Romero, a holistic centre in the mountains of Southern Spain. For further details go to the website www.cortijo-romero.co.uk .

Supervision Group for counsellors and psychotherapists

Supervision Group for counsellors and psychotherapists in the North West who are seeking supervision with a relational transpersonal focus.

BXO/LSA & Penile Cancer Therapeutic Support Group

I also work with BXO/LSA and penile cancer issues through a Therapeutic Support Group for people after they have received a diagnosis

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