Integrative psychosynthesis coaching and supervision

psychosynthesis coaching, is a very different way of working than psychosynthesis counselling or psychotherapy. The way that I, work with my coaching clients . After an initial meting to explore what working together may be like. There is a space to contract to 6 seasons or 12 sessions, as a course of work depending on what your goals are working to achieve . Each sessions last's for 1.5 hour the cost is 75. We would meet once a month . Unless you wanted to work frequently which would be fortnightly . If you're looking for coaching sessions this may mean that you're looking to focus on a particular issue in your professional life or personal life.

Or this could also be in your professional life . In the work we may look at the Barrier's that are getting in the way of you making the change in your life that your looking for . Unblocking these barriers, can open you to fulfilling your true potential. When I'm working with you as psychosynthesis coach. I ttend to think of myself more as a guide. I have meny maps, and models, to work with you in the course of are work together . You may want to focus on breaking the maintaining cycles, and the barriers, that are getting in the way of you making the choices, that your really longing to make to free, you from the fear, that is holding you back, from your true potential. The way coaching works is that it challenges you, to be honest, with yourself. It challenges you to make the first steps of making real change in your life. Yes you make it happen. As a psychosynthesis Coach, I journey with you and support you, in making the real changes, in your life. This is where you experience the real benefit your work the changes you create in your life . One of the first things that my coaching clients, ask me when they get in contact with me is this confidential.

I abide to a strict confidentiality, in my work with you. Coaching is a very personal thing. It's unique to you and as a guide, I journey with you in creating the space for you to understand yourself, at deeper levels. This may mean that you have to face the challenge of taking responsibility for your own authority, that has been blocked by barriers, and maintaining cycles. In 2006. I created with my late colleague, John Shiers. The synthesise centre. Where I worked with many coaching clients from meny different backgrounds here are some of the issues that brought them to work with me.

1 exploring changing their professional Life.
2 exploring a deeper meaning and purpose for retirement
3 exploring moving to another country and setting up a new business
4 having the space to explore a peak experience and spirituality.
5 The Contemplative organisation , exploring Contemplative awareness in the workplace.
6 LGBT lesbian and gay parenting. No longer a concept but a reality.
7 working with and exploring the edges in the challenges of Management.
8 exploring area management, team, operation and a leadership, culture.

These are just some of the issues that are brought into coaching.

Integrative supervision of coaching.
Over the years since 2003 when I trained as a transpersonal supervisor. I offered supervision to coaches who specifically wanted to draw on the models of psychosynthesis. I've worked with many different types of coaches offering supervision. You may be a life coach, you may be in organisational coach, you may be a coach that works within the two strands of organisational work offering coaching from managers and employees. The way that I work as a coaching supervisor, is to work as a guide with you to create space ,which is safe, and holds confidentiality. As a coaching supervisor I pay particular attention do your supervisory needs.

This is where we can begin to explore and reveal the barriers and the maintaining cycles that block your coaching, clients, from the true change and potential that they can open to in life. Through the safety and confidentiality as a guide in supervision with you there is space for you also to explore your own unconscious barriers and blocks that may sabotage you as a coach working with the coaching clients. In exploring these areas they go so deeply unconscious within the coaching relationship there is a space for you to work more creatively and to reach your own potential as a coach in your coaching work. Coaching supervision lasts for1.5 hours. And depends on the number of coaching clients working with too how frequently you may want To see me. If you're interested in coaching supervision please get in contact with me where we can discuss your supervisory needs.

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